River View Hills
NetObjects Fusion 1&1 Edition
NetObjects Fusion 1&1 Edition

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100 Kelly Blvd.
Theresa, WI 53091
Phone: 920-488-4175

A Message from Andy  & Karen Schnitzler:

Since 1988, when we started River View Hills in Theresa,  Wisconsin, our goal has been to  serve the valued interest of our residents as best we can in the setting of an  upscale manufactured home community also known as a "Land Lease Community", when  completed it will be a 204 home setting, a community center and a small  apartment complex.  The residents we serve cannot be categorized into  common stereotype but people who emphasize a high quality, affordable way of  life.  Our success as a land lease community has been determined by our  ability to recognize our customers and residents needs, treat them with respect  and serve them to the best of our ability.

In 2001, we started our second Land Lease Community in  Reeseville, Wisconsin.  When completed it will be 150 homes and a community  center. 

Our son, AJay, has also joined in the family business.  We  welcome him and we hope you will stop in and visit us real soon.  We value  the opportunity to serve you.

Land Lease Communities

Large Enough to Serve   ●    Small Enough to Care


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